A Program Packed with Features

Website - a fully functional website with an unlimited number of customizable pages which can be programmed as public, student-only, or staff-only pages. You can offer information to your visitors and students complete with graphics and videos (embedded). Build your site with an easy-to-use, built-in webpage editor. Start with our default pages and make changes easily. If you currently have a website, this will completely replace your current web hosting expenses (transfer or point your existing domain name to yourname.dssite.com).

Student Records - As students are enrolled, scheduled for training, complete their courses, given their certificates, pay their balances, etc. This system logs all that activity and keeps a record of it. As the administrator you can easily search for any student (current or past) to instantly find what you need. Search by name, e-mail, even certificate numbers or other key words.

Student Enrollment - potential students who visit your website can easily enroll in minutes, pay their bills, schedule their training times (classroom, behind-the-wheel, and online education), and begin their online training course immediately. Of course all this is customizable to fit your school's needs and desires. Students who call in or walk in can be easily entered into the system, and even given a password to access their file from home.

Flexible Pricing Options - to attract customers you need to be competitive and flexible. Teen drivers and adult drivers have different needs; prices need to be adjustable. Different locations may incur more costs in time and fuel; prices should reflect those costs. Also, you may want to run ad campaigns offering special pricing. Easy Driving School Websites allows you to set your pricing according to age, location, and special discount codes for your advertising.

Bill Paying - Easy Driving School Websites interfaces with PAYPAL.COM to allow your school to receive online payments. You must have a PAYPAL Account for this option, or you can deactivate the online payments feature altogether. PAYPAL is a secure way to receive online payments. Signing up with PAYPAL is freeā€¦ go to www.paypal.com.

Student Scheduling - As the driving school administrator, you have total control over the scheduling process. Allow your students to either schedule their training online themselves as they choose from available time slots, or have them call in to schedule their training times, or both. Instructors' available time slots are either automatically generated according to availability rules that you set up, or entered manually. Daily or weekly schedules can be printed for each of the instructors.

Messages - When Automatic Messages are activated, the system will send a welcome message to students who enroll, a reminder before scheduled times, and other important reminders such as past due balances. You can also send notes and information to the students at anytime. All these messages are logged into the system and kept in the student's files. When a student replies, the reply is also saved, and the administrator is notified.

Online Education - The Course Builder allows the driving school administrator to build customized online courses with an unlimited number of lessons, including text, graphics, and embedded videos (such as YouTube). Students who enroll in the course are given access to the course one lesson at a time. After each lesson, a test is given before they are allowed to proceed. Upon completion of the course, the student's records are updated and the administration is notified. As an option, you can also purchase a DMV Approved Course, ready to go, from another driving school. (Note: this service is not yet available ... coming soon.)