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Formerly known as BU Driving Schools (www.brainupgrade.com), Easy Driving School Websites (www.dssite.com) is a full service website solution for small to medium driving schools.

Drivers Training and Education has been a growing industry as many states have passed laws regarding new drivers. The need for drivers training and education has largely been filled by small business owners who struggle in a highly competitive market to offer the best services while keeping costs low. The Internet has opened up new opportunities such as online education, easy enrollment, scheduling, and online bill paying. A careful study of most driving school websites reveals a wide variety of solutions, some of which are a patchwork of several websites making it difficult to navigate, to others that offer little more than just a digital pamphlet.

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Easy Driving School Websites bundles ALL the internet needs for the driving school into one seamless solution:

  • A Fully Editable Website - Unlimited Pages (with text, graphics and video).
  • Secure Student Online Access - Enrollment, Scheduling, Bill Paying
  • Student Record Administration - Search Records Quickly, Print Reports and Certificates, and Monitor Activity
  • Message History - Sends Automatic Messages and Receives Messages from Students
  • Online Education - Course Builder with Unlimited Lessons (text, graphics, animation, and video) ***

By signing up with Easy Driving School Websites, your small business will have the best of the internet tools for a fraction of the cost. Save time and avoid frustration so you can concentrate on building your customer base.

*** Note: the Course Builder Software is still under development (soon to be released). By signing up today, your low price is fixed at $1.00 per student, even if you use the course builder later on. What a deal! Online education for only $1.00!!